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    Stuck on loading screen

    I play on PC, every time I launch the game the loading screen opens up and gets stuck at the "Loading player" step. I've yet to get into the game for several days and have tried every troubleshooting method I can think of from restarting my computer to verifying game files on steam to uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Nothing works and I'm still stuck at this loading screen.

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    Same thing here, except I play on Mac

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    Are either of you in any clubs? Which ones? You should also submit tickets in 100% of cases where you're unable to get in game for extended periods of time. If we're online and you can't play then we'll need to work with you to get it sorted out.

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    I've noticed that since yesterday's server maintenance the game has been noticeably slower getting past "loading player" (though I'm on Xbox, not PC) so maybe something to do with that??

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