Is there ever going to be a fix that improves and negates this? Every time you guys "optimize" trove you add twice as many non optimized features back to the game. I obviously don't speak for every player in game, but I would prefer my shots to register and my ultimates to be used when consumed. I could care less about trees having a shadow, clouds mucking up sky realms, elevator blocks, torches that flicker, or seeing the six auras that every world boss has. I just want to play the game that I and so many other players have invested so heavily in, it is a voxul game that's what a lot of us care about personally if I wanted some photo realistic high resolution game I'd never have even given trove a second look. Also 5,7,8 are not triple of any prime number please fix shadow shard drops for Monday's it's small but extremely annoying especially after all the crap from the beginning of hero's ie everything was supposed to be trippled on it's day but it was all " accidentally" advertised wrong. Stop being so greedy and just fix the great game you guys have created and more people will spend more money $50 a dragon is ridiculous even with your knock off China made door prize extras 2 terafomers and a couple hundred plasmium please trion. $25 per golden egg gauranteed you would quadruple your sales and for the financial backers in your building that means twice the profit. Please trion just let trove be what it is an awesome blocky pay to win mmo and stop trying to make it seem like you want it to be a triple a title that has hundreds of millions poured into it you built it on a crappy platform live with it and let us the players and you paychecks play and have a better time with it.