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Thread: Camera spinning issue. Sticky doesn't help at all.

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    Camera spinning issue. Sticky doesn't help at all.

    I feel like it should be obvious what this thread is about. I have the camera spin bug, sometimes it will just randomly snap my view >90 degrees in a direction.

    I do not have a razer mouse, I have a corsair scimitar. This is of note because this mouse is not usable without software.

    Is there a fix for this? At all? Trove is the only game I have played that has this issue and I have had this mouse for 2 years and played hundreds of games. I find it exceptionally hard to believe this is a problem with my mouse and not the game...

    I tried everything in the sticky thread, running fullscreen, windows, a bunch of different resolutions and settings within my GPU drivers. Nothing helps. The game is effectively unplayable in this state, which is pretty annoying considering I spent money on it before this issue presented itself.


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    When I play trove in maximized window, I also experience this problem from time to time. So I do not maximize window. Instead I increase the size of window manually to make it full window. (Do not click on maximize button on windows title bar. If already did it, toggle it to normal window) If you are playing it in maximized window, try this. I hope this would be helpful to your situation.

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