Here's my feedback so far:
  1. Geode
    • Firstly, the overall design of the sanctuary is pretty impressive.
    • The downside of the place is that it is very confusing and difficult to navigate. I can't even open my map.
  2. Anti-Gravity blocks.
    • I'm so happy they have this stuff. But what I'm not happy about is that it is very difficult to see.
    • The blocks, once placed, is literally invisible with a very faint effect. I can't keep track on where I placed the blocks.
    • I would suggest making the effect more obvious or having an indicator to show up when in build mode, something like the barrier blocks from minecraft.
    • The other downside of it is that i have to make two lifts, one to go up and one to go down.
I'll update this thread from time to time as i'm very new to this update.