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    Update; my work around not only failed, but the 6 hour reliquary gave me all of ONE gleamstone.

    I am still stuck on the quest that specifically wants me to open the Token Reliquary and cannot get it to trigger and complete.
    Knight : 22/7.6 Guns : 18/5.9 Fae : 30/8.9 Draco : 30/10.8 Neon : 20/7.9 Barb : 20/6.8 Sage : 19/6.6 Hunt : 30/8.6 Pirate : 30/12.4 Boom : 30/15.2 Tomb : 30/13.8 Lunar : 17/6.9 Rev :17/6.6 Chloro : 30/18.5 Dino : 17/7.2 Vang : 0/0

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    Okay, so from the patch notes:

    "Temporarily made the "Open a Reliquary" and "Open an Egg" steps require interacting with their respective workstations instead to unblock these steps. In the case of the Egg step, this may require closing the Incubator UI and interacting with the workstation again. This did not fix players who are already stuck on these steps."

    So I'm one of the people who have been stuck for a full day now and can't progress. Here's my quest box:

    (not sure why that image didn't work, it opens fine in a browser). Image says "Open Your Reliquary", and under that a checkbox and it says "ADVENTURE COMPLETED!", but no reward and the questline hasn't progressed. If it matters, I had another reliquary in there, which I removed.

    What are we supposed to do at this point?

    Update- PM'd postcard in game and fixed now. Thanks guys

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