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Will some classes that have buffs or difficult to track abilities (Tomb Raiser's Minion count/banshee's boon duration, Dracolyte ultimate, Lunar Lancer's Lunacy duration, etc.) be shown on the hotbar in the future? If clutter is a potential issue, would a settings option to disable them work?

Not completely out of the question but we don’t want to have a traditionally cluttered MMO buff bar.
Ah, I remember when things like this were asked years ago, and their answer of "we don't want to clutter" has stayed the same. I also remember how after they gave that answer they decided to implement the xp/sigil/mastery ui element, all the time, forever, with no way to make it go away. If I'm really curious what my level and mastery and sigil are, I can press c. I don't need to see it 24/7. Same with the hot key prompt menu (v) and store (n) buttons ever present. I know the hotkeys, I don't need to see them constantly, and the store one should only pop up if there is a deal I haven't seen yet.

And then, they have the gall to say "nah, we don't want clutter" when it has something people WANT. All these problems, and more, could just be solved by adding more toggleable options.

I don't understand what I don't understand.

Side note, how cluttered could it possibly be? Let's say someone is using valorous vial, which has a cooldown, so that could show up, any subclass with a cooldown, so that could show up, is a Rev with their ult up, so the duration left on that could show up, and with their passive active so that cooldown could be there too.
Am I missing anything? That's what, 4 things? That only need to show up at all when relevant and disapear if not on cooldown or whatever? Even if it's 6, or even 8, that wouldn't be too intrusive if designed right.