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Thread: Revenant Rework

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    Revenant Rework

    Could anyone explain me why the Revenant becomes a DPS Class, instead of a Tank ?
    I mean, why do you add more damage to a Tank class ? Changing the damage/healing scale source would have been the opportunity to make Health Regen useful, for example. Like healing amount scales on Health Regen, y'know ...

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    I guess it depends on how you look at it.
    Nothing is stopping you from going full tank like before as far as I can tell.
    However, the changes seem to favor more of a balance instead of pure DPS or pure tank as most are in live right now.
    I feel like if you get the right balance the rev will be nearly invincible after the rework.

    As for the health regen. I don't think anything will make that worth it since everything one shots you in higher difficulties anyways.

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    The reason is likely because a dedicated tank doesn't really have a place in a game like Trove. The goal is to kill stuff fast and most DPS classes have methods of self sustain that don't really warrant the need for a tank class.

    Sure you can have bulky damage dealers, but just because of the way Trove works there really isn't a really important spot for pure tanks.
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