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    is bomb royal going to replace pvp? cause at the hub the pvp portal has changed. regardless its not that bad if its replacing pvp but for players who dont like this game mode will find it aweful to play and in some way sort of forced to play it if you are aiming for mastery and collections. also make it possible to return back to the geode hub when we finish bomb royal game rather than back to normal hub , having to constant teleport from loading screen to another isnt what trove wants for long time now yet newer stuffs added leads to more loading screen. eg. club quest update. at this point you might as well have things specific centralise so players just teleport over to whichever gamemode they want.

    honest speaking this new content and direction players seen and experience over the years is turning into dungeon hub loading screen type of game. example would be like dragonest , diablo or typical asia mmo grind style where you go hub u tp to one 'fix area map' quick clear hop back to hub back and forth. its just constant loading screen transistioning.
    compare to back in the days you could really spent hours just grinding gathering in one uber world then either simply have a cornerstone or tp into club for a quick refresh/clearing of stuffs restock on flask etc and back to grinding as to now its just quick clear few dungeons tp back to club get quest tp back to grind world back and thru.

    similar to this geode content. 1st of all its like a total side game off game whatever you called it. its like you just made a new game mode with trove's initial game engine. our past pr class charac gears etc all seem to do no effect on this geode content.
    that said the new content could really do alot better, currently the 3 mining maps is exactly the same generation but with different blocks. it didnt take no braining long enough to notice theres like 1-2 type ores for tier 1 map 1 etc and its the same rinse repeat for map2 map3 .
    im sure there is more to explore but more or less its the same repeat grind for 'newer' map2 map3 which is just reskin rather than having any new progress or things to expect.
    i do apologize on how and what else to say than its just badly executed for this content much worst than previous club2.0

    geo hub is nice and all but the npc and crafting for each department is confusingly placed along with way too many unwanted section of the areas link on the hub. its nice and all looks cool for any roleplaying but really a suggestion would be , if there is any future added stuffs to those area they could be added in later on or unlocked when players progress to certain part of the game.
    example the top area spaceshuttle for now does it really do anything? maybe have it close off u know and only appears for players who unlocks the area etc like how some mmo when u upgraded or cleared certain events your base or hub or areas spawns in or opens up.
    the current geode hub just look like a nicely decorated shells with nothing much inside.

    as for the geode mining game mode ... nothing more i can say then another new grind that everyone will start from scratch.
    edit: i just rolled abit on the boom box season1 rewards only manage to get 3chest and seriously you guys better fix this randomness habit of yours if this is how it goes. the rewards is just straight up random to no link with the mode you played in.
    out of the 3chest i opened i got 600crystal , 2000 flux, 5dragon caches.
    i have no idea what else u can get from it but really this is just plain random regardless how nice those rewards might seem.

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    My initial thoughts over 2 days in PTS so far.
    Beautiful hub, no clue where anything is. Even with the signs, things really should be organized. Maps would be nice so players can identify where they need to go (put markers on maps that you can click on to go to specific points/rooms). Color coding 'areas' would be helpful too.

    Quests for collecting resources or helping hurt NPCs isn't too bad, but I wish that quest givers were in one spot so we were not running around the map (again this goes back to confusing hub layout)

    Running thru the caves, if anybody is ahead of you, forget about any 'good' loot, it will be gone. And with 4 branches to run around, does not leave much choice where to go. Sometimes I just cannot find the door to tier 2, and sometimes I reach dead ends with nothing within. Oh well guess it was looted by another player already. Guess I need to get lucky and get in a fresh 'cave' system, and rush ahead as fast as possible to loot it before they do.

    Will take some time getting used to one jump. Having the grapple AND the laser both use energy is terrible.

    The biggest issue, I really have no clue what to do. I know the 'quest' is being worked on (not sure if I am supposed to get something out of the quest) but feels like I am forever 'stuck' on level 1.

    No clue where to upgrade gear, no clue how to equip a 2nd item (like the better laser, larger gas tank, etc). I see a space where it says I can equip a second item, but clicking in the open spot, or trying to drag other 'gear' over (or right clicking) does nothing. Am I doing something wrong? I can only 'swap' my grapple between M1 and M2. But that is it... is it supposed to work like that, and I need to earn the other shown gear somehow?

    Bottom line, I am super confused how I am supposed to equip any gear, and confused how to upgrade anything. Livestream on Fri said after a little bit of time we could upgrade items... Where and HOW??? <--- Frustrating to the max.

    While running around collecting items could be OK, and I can see some fun in this... I am failing to see what I am supposed to be doing. Maybe it will be fun after I can actually upgrade or change around items, but currently I wouldn't spend much more time doing this.

    Right now, it is get quest, craft some NPC healing items, run to cave... run around collecting, get gassed to death, get put back in hub and repeat.

    Cannot upgrade gear.
    Cannot equip anything other than grapple and have basic laser.
    Quest glitched, so not sure what to do.

    So.... to sum it up... Confusing, confusing, little bit of fun, more confusion.

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    I haven’t played it but I got bored just watching them slowly chip away at stuff in the live stream. With full upgrades it seemed really weak and just a boring waste of time. I really hope they didn’t spend that much time developing this because it doesn’t look/sound good at all.

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    For how many complaints there are about how confusing everything is, it seemed pretty straightforward to me. The signs tell you just about everything you need to know, short of exactly what is on the sides of upper/lower floors, but those can be quickly figured out after looking around a bit. Relevant items and crafting stations are near where you'd expect them to be, and the patchnotes tell you where everything is anyway if you still can't figure it out.

    I like the movement restrictions, though it can be slow to get around. Maybe after unlocking a few module upgrades, you could unlock an instant teleportation to the next (or last) cave tier at the cost of a large chunk of GAS (about equivalent to how much you'd spend going there manually)?

    No clue where to upgrade gear
    Module crafting and upgrades are next to the cave portals on the bottom level.
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    the few main reasons of so many complaints is the sudden change in gameplay introduced.
    but more importantly is how all this relates to anything to our main game.
    cause as of now geo is like a totally different off set game as if trove and its game engine were to make a new game it would be like this geo content.

    currently theres quite a few bugs going on esp with the questline getting a fix. but i do hope it all links back to our main game and future coming u10 in the following months to come.
    the current situation for the geo content is players would find it too much risk and time wasted investing with not knowing whats installed next like i said any links or relation to u10 or future updates.

    lets says after investing all this time and effort gathering up and maxing out this whole geo content which all in all is just a sub'profession' from what im seeing all base on that one crystalogy bench and then later on finds out it has not much or nothing to relate to u10/future updates needed then players will get even more disappointed and upset complaining more later on,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spirare View Post
    Module crafting and upgrades are next to the cave portals on the bottom level.

    Helped a ton, thanks man.I see the upgrade locations now!
    Definitely will put some more time into this!

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    Its nice in the beginning, because there's something new to explore, BUT, it soon becomes sooo repetitive and boring. DOing the same thing over and over and over and over and over again, with nothing new at all, just painfull slow minning trying to get deeper, farming absurd amounts of resourcers to upgrade the gear that takes many, MANY hours of repetitive action.


    Also, the time lock for the openning relics, seriously? This is so bad in so many ways. I can understant this system being used for the eggs, its natural for eggs to take some time to hatch, but relics? Hours?!! Maybe days?! Now freaking way, please get rid of it.

    I won't even say about the absurd cost of bomb royale rewards and the insaned amount of grind of monotonous and repetitive game people would have to do. Seriously, use a calculator and see how much time it would take to get all there is there, and just by winning, if you lose, oh boy.

    I know my opinion won't even matter anyway. I gotta try before i give up of this game and the bad choices made for it.
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    I'm enjoying the game.

    You have to play it for a bit to get the hang of where things are, and you have to recognize that this is still in testing mode, but it's pretty fun once you unlock the jet boots.

    I'm not going to say I love it, but I am enjoying it.

    Not thrilled with the time gates, nor that our previous efforts are mostly pointless here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrz View Post
    One thing I will say I don't like though based on the notes is bumping the required dragon fragments to 100. I could support this if the existing frags could change over to 20 each of the new ones - so those of us who already collected all the frags on live won't have to do more work to get to the goal line for the frags when as far as we're concerned we already put in the work and are just waiting to get enough dragon coins. I hope that changes.

    This so much. If you already had 5 fragments and were lacking the coins to craft the dragon, you'll go from 100% to 25% when the patch hits. This is unacceptable.

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    Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Unfortunately, one thread where a dozen people post a huge number of suggestions about a wide array of issues isn't ideal for finding specific actionable data.

    The best way to handle feedback is for each player to find a thread discussing one element of the game and posting in that thread with their feedback on that one topic. If that topic hasn't already been discussed you can create a new thread and name it something specifically tied to that topic.

    This will let testers see how others feel and gives us an easy way of finding feedback on a ton of topics.

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