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    [Feedback] Content is not enjoyable

    Straight to the point; Here's my list on why I will retire if this launches in the current state:

    - More timegates ... really? I want to play a MMORPG, not a mobile game.
    - Mining stuff with laser only? Oh yes, I do love another job next to my reallife one.
    - Two years of progress is useless. This is beyond insanity. No other mmorpg has ever done this and for good reason.

    I felt no sense of progression at the end of my play session and I felt greatly disappointed as well due to having no benefit for my large (financial and time) investment in the game.

    To balance it out, there's a few good things about the patch:
    - New UI improvements.
    - New area design and visuals.
    - Blue name.
    - Bomber Royale.
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    PTS is designed for people that CAN be bothered to write down the full explanation.
    Downtime again?
    Must be the left over Stick Ichor gumming up the works from previously squashed bugs...

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    Quote Originally Posted by WiiTodd View Post
    PTS is designed for people that CAN be bothered to write down the full explanation.
    Fair enough. I just think the above points should need no further explanation. They designed some good stuff in the past so I'm not sure why they changed direction so much.

    Edit: Updated my first post to be more constructive.
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    What is the context of this new "world" in relation to the U10+ update exactly? Is the mining of new stuff and hatching of companions an integral part of the prep for U10? I ask as I can't get on the PTS at the moment. Is this essential work or just something to jump to when you get a bit burnt out on "original trove"

    TBH looking at the patch notes its like they had a concept for a game, didn't know what to do with it, so shoehorned it into Trove. Kinda sounds like a cross between Slime Rancher and Astroneer, correct me if I'm way off the mark.

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    It bored me to my extreme, i do appreciate you guys trying to make trove have a new experience but this is so boring
    1. Its mine, nothing but mine
    2. The upgrade cost or stuffs crafting cost is drastically high, metamatter 10.000 crystal each ? although crystal are easy to get but it just ridiculous.
    3. Mining laser is way to weak even you can upgrade it.
    4. Very boring landscapes, all cave looks exactly the same but with different block colors
    5. Why disable store ? how are we suppose to test Rev when we can't buy re-gem ?

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    Only complaints I have atm is with the laser and how the geode hub is a bit confusing to navigate.
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    Unfortunately I'm having a similar experience; I'm having trouble immersing myself in the new content (the atmosphere is excellent, though). I'll definitely keep playing on the PTS, but at this rate it just feels like another plain farm-to-craft experience using the facade of a clean slate to justify nerfing your progress. It doesn't feel like unique, fresh content and that worries me. I'll have to see how my playing experience goes throughout the week but for now I'm not too in favor of pushing the current state to live.

    I haven't tried Bomber Royale yet, but I look forward to getting in a match; it still looks like fun.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lime View Post
    Only complaints I have atm is with the laser and how the geode hub is a bit confusing to navigate.
    I agree tenfold on the confusing layout of the Geode Hub. I don't even use the elevator-type things and instead just jump around off the side which, for some reason, is faster. Such a shame really, as reworking the layout is the type of change I believe they wouldn't really consider due to the work already put into the design.

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    We were sent here to give feedback from general Discussion.

    So here is my feedback
    Expansion is incredibly boring. Mine, mine, mine. Pamper the NPCs because they are sad (??) or hurt. 0 mobility after several years of Fun flying, jumping, now we are forced on the ground.
    Geode doesn't give progression to the actual Gear or Gems, so new players and players that are 10-15k will not even come here because they still need to progress their PR.

    I just don't get the whole concept of this expansion. In troves lifespan the most boring part was the Mining, and the Gathering of Plants.
    How an earth makes any sense to make a whole expansion based on Mining and Gathering Plants without any Combat.

    We can't even invite friends to at least share the boredom of mining with laser. No. We go in solo, sit there mining and... that's the expansion.
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    After playing the pts for one hour I found:

    1. The Geode hub is incredibly confusing and using the "elevators" to get around is slow. I suggest speeding them up and putting all NPCs into one area with the crafting bench etc. I do like the look of the new hub.

    2. I dislike being limited in the caves. Limiting us to 40 movement speed and to using the grappling hook when we can only be in the caves for a short period of time severely limits our progression. It also vaguely reminds me of the coin collection challenges... which is not a good thing.
    - I suggest removing the 40 MS limiter to allow players to use whatever MS they have.
    - I like the grappling hook idea, but allow players to use jump in limiting quantities too... 10 maybe?
    3. Regarding the 100 dragon frag requirement... Will there be chests for the frags of older dragons, like miraldis for example, or will collecting fragments be similar to fiery feather farming? If they are like fiery feathers, please increase the drop rates further to actually show progress. I am still working on 100 fiery feathers... farming them is incredibly boring.

    4. Tome and crafting feedback...
    thousands of resources for one tome is a bit....too much. collecting 9000 of anything is a pain. Please reduce the amount of materials needed to craft items. I do like the new crafting bench and I am looking forward to using it.

    5. Regarding the laser..... wow it is way too slow. I crafted baesmuth for a reason... I like my higher lasermancy.
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    1) The Geode hub is confusing.

    2) Limited movement speed at 40 is just too slow. This will make the game mode more boring even faster.

    3) This will be my next time when I mention it on the forum. Revenant's damage-over-time (DOT) effect from class gem is still useless, even after class rework. When his [M2] Aegis Assault is dealing 37,9mln damage (46,7mln with active passive Vengeful Spirit), his DOT is dealing ~278k damage at 5/5 stacks. To apply all 5 stacks, player need to hit with his [M2] skill 4 times, because his 1st hit apply 2 stacks. DOT and Aegis Assault have hit rate of ~ 1 per 1 sec. The DOT remains untouched by developers till now and it's not dealing critical hits, making it more useless.

    - Remove Aegis Assault's DOT effect or let DOTs deal critical hits (maybe it will help, who know).

    4) Can you please rework 1 more time Revenant's Aegis Assault class gem? I would like to see his Aegis Assault able to charge like Shadow Hunter's Radiant Arrow skill. From base 750% damage to 1250% when charged to max after 1 sec. Of course chargins won't slow him down. There is aslo many more great ideas.

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