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Is it going to be like a tutorial world, until the war breaks out? Or will it be a one-time event sort of thing?
We'll share more news soon, plus the PTS opens at 9AM PDT, so...hours from now. There's a lot to explore, literally, but please do not think of this as an extension of what you're used to. Trove - Geode is, in many ways, a completely different game. It's connected to everything very directly, but what you do on Trove will not really translate to the way things work on Geode. It's a new world that has it's own rules. Your ability to solo curb stomp Ultra Shadow Tower bosses will mean virtually nothing here. Geode is way too big for one expansion, so prepare for things to change over time. Everything that happens on Geode is happening for a reason and it's as rich with lore as it is with incredibly powerful resources. Yep, war is inevitable. It would be nice to think that maybe we can find a way to settle this dispute peacefully, but all sides need to see the wisdom in that. Q'ubthulhu doesn't. His forces see all sources of power as weapons to be wielded and they want to have the biggest stockpile. The PTS will give you a chance to see a lot of things but go in knowing that this isn't the same experience that you have on Trove. I'm genuinely excited for so many of you to get the chance to see it. Just also keep in mind that the PTS can't hold everyone so there's likely to be some queuing. It will run for a little over a week, I believe, but will need to confirm dates ASAP.We hope you have fun!
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