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Thread: Tome Suggestions and fixes

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    Tome Suggestions and fixes

    New tomes I would like to see:

    1. Cinnabar
    2. Bleached Bone
    3. Combination tomes with multiple craft-able materials in one (I know unrealistic but still) Include (robotic salvage, cinnabar, and plasmium) and another with bleached bones, faerie dust, and wild cupcakes
    4. Golden soul and Somber soul tome
    5. Wild cupcake
    6. Faerie dust tome


    1. Increase the amount robotic salvage tome rewards (currently 15) or fix drop rates so it is on par with the amount of plasmium dropped from scrap cases
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    Personally I do not see the need for the Bleached bone or the Wild Cupcake tome. Bleached bones are easy enough to collect if you run around the Dragonfire peaks or the Primordial fire worlds. While the Wild cupcakes are not as plentiful in the Candoria biomes, they are also there for the farming. Both are much easier to spot/farm if you have the waypoints mod installed so that it flags them for you.

    I suppose that if you are trying to be a completionist, then yes, they do not currently have a tome for either of those components.

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