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    Need assistance if possible from a mod. Someone told me to post on here as some quests needed to be manually adjusted for people. My reliquary quest says completed now finally but alas the next quest won't start. It just has a check mark with adventure completed at the top right where the quest info is located. My IGN : Coonadon

    I apologize if there is another place to post this as I couldn't find it. Thanks!

    EDIT: found the right post for it , sorry for posting here but if someone else comes across this looking for the post it's here http://forums.trovegame.com/showthre...l=1#post799057

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shocktor View Post
    Sounds like the groundwork for a new gem type... (I'm hoping)

    So the one screenshot looks like a character with rocket boots? Also, will there be a new class?
    New varieties of gems will happen down the road, but not for the launch of Geode. Yup, rocket boots are a real thing and they are awesome. No new class with Geode. Eventually it'll happen but nothing to say on that yet.
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    Ooohhh so excited for this update! It seems new, not just "stab, kill, loot"

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