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Thread: Selling various Stellars

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    Selling various Stellars

    Selling all types of Stellars. Xbox message only. Please state what item type, star level, 2nd stat you wish to buy. Not trading for other items, only flux

    0 Star 7k
    1 Star 10k
    2 Star 15k
    3 Star 20k
    4 Star 25k

    Bulk price 5k each, must buy at least 10 at a time. For bulk deals only state item type. Stats and stars will be random (0-2 stars). I just toss in whatever's around at the time

    Rings lvl 3 15k
    Rings lvl 4 20k

    Please be ready for trade when you msg me, looking for quick, uncomplicated trades

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    hi ill pm u

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