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Thread: Exp from different quest in Outpost ?

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    Exp from different quest in Outpost ?

    Hello, so I want to know what is the different type of exp I can get in U9 outpost with different quests

    Rampage/10kill/Plasmium/Fishing etc... To see the best option

    And is that true that you can accept U3 quest and go in U9 to complete that quest?

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    It's all the same.
    U9 exp gives 104040 across all outposts.
    (Must need level 27 character to get though)

    Yes you can go into U3 accept quest then go into U9 and complete for U9 exp.

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    Every outpost quest gives: Bonus * 10 * base XP amount.
    Base XP amount depends on zone and you level.
    Bonus depends on xp event, Saturday and patron status
    Numbers are here

    The best strategy is stack all bonuses (including double potion) and perform all 20 quests at once. That's why plasmium one is the best choice
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