Hello everybody, hope ye having a great day.

My IGN is Nayeonie, named after my favourite kpop band member, Nayeon from Twice. I'm from the UK and i mostly built pixel arts after hitting 20k power rank goal and have about heart-a-phoned 1500+ on consoles. I wanted to come back to build on trove, but on pc this time! so i'm just looking for friendly people or any lively clubs that is able to take me and treat me as one of their own.

Here's a portfolio of my pixel arts, if you're interested what i built:

My goal isn't to progress through the power ranks, as i do not have as much time to grind again. But i do want build pixel arts again and see how the pc community is like, maybe makes some friends along the way feel free to add me as a friend in game or contact me by discord nayeonie#8097