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    Triple the Radiant Sovereigns This Week!

    Planning to pick up a pack of Credits? Well, this week you’ll receive triple the Radiant Sovereigns for any pack that includes them!

    During this week only the Radiant Merchant in the Hub sells some additional items as well.
    • Class Gem Keys are available for 1 Radiant Sovereign

    • Lustrous Gem Boxes are available for 3 Radiant Sovereigns

    • Stellar Empowered Gem Boxes are available for 7 Radiant Sovereigns.
    Make the most of this bombastic bargain while it lasts! This big bonus is good for purchases until 4AM PDT (11AM UTC) on May 22, 2018.
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    Kinda sad about this since just a few days ago I bought the fifty dollar credit bundle... that's typically my luck though.

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