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    Dev Q&A Thread - May 18, 2018

    Get your questions in for the dev team! We'll collect questions from this thread, but with big news coming later this week we're also very likely to have too many questions to cover. We'll do our best to answer any we don't fit into the livestream.


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    It seems that Yabaki is always hidden in shadow. We / Players never saw any feather of this Bird. Does he got eaten?


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    How come every costume after eclipse gives 35 mastery points when all costumes are supposed to give 70, and in some cases even more? would love a fix for this, as them being lesser than other costumes makes them undesireable.

    Assuming we get a new gear rarity at some point this year, will you please make it so it doesn't drop from magic find?, as that would protect the value of both the new gear and of stellar souls.

    Could you possibly increase the amount of robotic salvage in scrap cases?

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    Since we know Revenant was/is the next rework, and Ice Sage to follow, what's the next class looking to be worked on?

    Will this next big update introduce new gem abilities?

    Any info on the next class? (As in weapon used)

    Will some classes that have buffs or difficult to track abilities (Tomb Raiser's Minion count/banshee's boon duration, Dracolyte ultimate, Lunar Lancer's Lunacy duration, etc.) be shown on the hotbar in the future? If clutter is a potential issue, would a settings option to disable them work?

    Will there be less of a grind for materials to obtain new stuff in the upcoming big update?

    Also, what kind of pizza is better? Bacon and Ham or pepperoni?

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    Any plans on buffing the other subclass abilities? Right now the lunar lancer subclass is leagues ahead of the others.

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    I have some questions:

    Will the new battle royal mode count for getting the Glorious Gladiator trophy? Itís the only trophy standing in the way of my platinum since I hate the current pvp mode.

    Will the new battle royal update add more trophies to collect?

    With all the great ideas on the forums for improving the rampages, why do you refuse to even consider them? Iíve seen it posted that they are functioning as designed, but clearly thereís tons of room for improvement, so why just ignore it and blow off players concerns?

    Would it be possible to add in a vibration when fishing and itís time to reel it in? The sound doesnít always play and sometimes you canít see the lure moving

    Can the fishing button and the loot vacuum be different buttons? Itís so annoying trying to pick up loot and the character fishes instead.

    Thank you. I love Trove despite its many flaws and would love to see it improve and get even better.

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    1) Any new items will be added in Trove of Wonder on this year updates?

    2) Any plan to remake the Amperium Dragon flying mode model/bone?
    This question I wanted to ask when hero update released. Is it only me feel that the amperium dragon's wings are look like cripple in fly mode?!

    3) Would the shadow day bonus on monday be included Despoiled Divinity ?

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    Will the old daily/monthly login tokens return to the store so people who missed out can purchase the mounts etc?

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    ① Permafrost side biome will be in this expansion update?

    ② Is plasmium, memory matrix, logic loop, charge circuit and sentence shard a universal craft mat for all side biome?

    ③ Care to elaborate more on GEM? Need transparency on this matter.

    ④ Whats the deal with costume mastery? 35/70/105/175. Can Devs come up with 1 number for all costume?

    ⑤ Any plan to add normal battle royale pvp?

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    Can Lunar Lancer class gem please receive a buff? It is currently one of the worst class gems in the game. Gem augments could do more than what they do now, it's nearly impossible to fully augment gems without taking out the credit card. This may sound a little far-fetched but could we see a Trove VR support?
    Also, I would like to see Trove's source code. I have always been interested in seeing what programming language Trion Worlds has been using and I want to see the kind of code structure they use.
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