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    Luxion's Return - May 17th, 2018

    Luxion of the Golden Hoard is a gorgeous dragon who returns to the Hub twice a month to trade goods for Dragon Coins. You'll find Luxion near the Dragon Crucible starting on May 17. Luxion will vanish at 4AM PDT (11AM GMT) on May 20, so don't wait!

    Just a few of the items Luxion is offering up on this next visit are:
    • Winking Tentabox ally
    • Metalhead mag rider returns
    • Voidcoil Raygun pistol style
    Luxion's loot is a way for players who missed limited time items in the past to pick them up directly. You'll also find brand new items at a higher Dragon Coin price periodically. Items will repeat eventually, but it may take a while for a specific piece of loot to return so be sure to check back on every visit!

    Luxion's visits will generally arrive just before a weekend in the start and middle of each month, disappearing at 4AM PDT (11AM GMT) on Sunday.
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    I hope we can see Gourdzilla & All-Pine ArtisTree pack items coming in Luxion over time. If we won't see them for their specific holidays. Basically the last items I'm missing :P

    but I'm happy to see one of the CC allies finally getting in there, that's a nice addition!
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    It's nonsense to add new "premium chaos chest" items if they will land up in Luxion anyway. The 'very rare' drop table in chaos chest will no longer be worth its name.

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    So happy you''ve finally added the allies, great consolation for those that spent all their chaos chests and came out empty handed.
    Thank you. <3

    I'd like to see minerbot qubesly make a return next, its been well over a year since the depth charge event and its a very sore empty spot in many a collections currently, especially on console.
    Also for console, I'd like to request the skulking skitterling, while PC can get it easily by doing the defiance crossover, due to defiance not being on next gen consoles, they have no way of getting that.
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    Thanks for saving my bacon, Chronozilla.

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