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Thread: Community Discussion: If you were a Trove developer, what would you do?

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    Post Community Discussion: If you were a Trove developer, what would you do?

    This is my second community discussion that I have made (the first being 'Why do YOU play Trove?') and this is meant to be a thread for players to share their opinions on the current state on Trove. What I am asking you to do is to say how you would modify Trove if you had developer permissions. This is meant to show the actual Trove developers what they need to keep, change, and remove based on player opinions.

    Here are some examples:
    I would make dragon challenges occur more than rampages | I would add more club permissions | I would remove the so-called balancing of Player Versus Player | I would make Gem Augments cheaper | I would change the amount of Flux dropped by Titan's Treasures | Et cetera...

    Here are non-examples:
    I would call the actual Trove developers trash (please do not do this) | I would play other video games | I would build a giant statue of my cat/dog in Minecraft | Et cetera...

    Please do not make fun of the opinions of other users, whether they are fellow Trove gamers or developers. If the developer can read the posts in this thread, please take our feedback into mind.
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    I would like to see more packs for credits, items from shop worth their price, update that only focus on servers/lags/world generating, rework for Tomb Raiser Chloromancer and maybe boomeranger, Dracolyte minions should last for a bit longer like 3 or 5 seconds, better ways to obtain dragon coins since luxion can simply "eat" my 300 dc+ sometimes, beacons for rampage shouls be cheaper (cinnabar) or add tome for cinnabar, more balanced power rank contest and we should get dragon with more jumps or better stats than only as because not evryone playing as classes, dungeon chest should be destroy by one hit or automatic after 1/2 sec

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    I would take back control of the game design from the marketing dept...

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