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Thread: [ Dragon ] Archieon, the Dreamer of Drakes

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    Quote Originally Posted by MagicMate View Post
    Oh, yeah, more Steampunk stuff!

    I just love how it turned out; the whole design in general aswell as the small details from the goggles to the li'l sails as fins. The backstory is really charming, too. Also, the screenshots are amazing, I should learn how to make them so pretty and clean.

    Well, uhh, I can't find the words to compliment this mod enough, I wholeheartedly support it, we do need a Steampunk-themed dragon in-game!
    Man, I 100% recommend /epicpose'ing it out and succeeding with that! :^))
    most of the screenshots I make are usually with that anyway, since F7 lags out my game like, CRAZily
    And right? WE NEED ONE! Even if it's not mine, I'm sure the Devs do justice to pick what's definitely perfect for the game overall! >:DDD

    Quote Originally Posted by TechnoShyft View Post
    This is absolutely beautiful! The palette is perfect, the colors of the skin complement the subtle browns and yellows of the gear so well. The design of this overall is so nice, it has a great amount of simplicity, it really just goes to show that you don’t have to get too intricate with designs to get an idea across. It’s so clean, I love that! I definitely have to compliment you on those wings, I most certainly agree that completely single-voxel widths of most sorts of trim look off, so I’m really glad you gave it a thicker trim across the canvas. Even though the top of the wings are a single voxel thick, the way you made it flow into the thicker branches gave it a more smooth look, that transition is really satisfying, ahaha! Aside from all of the amazing canvas pieces, I love the little things you added just as much. I can see all of the straps, which emphasizes your idea of it being gear rather than a part of him. Because of the larger chest, the straps are more visible on that body segment, so I’m not sure why, but it reminded me of a little kid wearing a backpack, which makes this look all the more adorable! And even though it’s such a small detail, I love the little bundle of canvas on the back of the saddle! And gosh, those goggles are perfect, and they add on to the kid look even more so [and er mah gerd I just realized how perfectly this goes with Arcanium Admiral when I thought about the goggles ahhhhH]

    Even though it has such an amazing design, my favorite part of all of this is the concept and background. This is just such a cute story! I never would have thought to have a dragon that actually can’t fly as a background, that’s so original! And then, to think that he gave it his all to achieve his goal and succeeded, gosh. There’s something inherently adorable about this, just the way he looked up at his fellow brethren, longing to be up there with them. It’s a simple example of how perseverance can get you places you didn’t think you could go, including soaring with dragons, showing that even the sky isn’t the limit. [Okay that has to be the cheesiest thing I’ve ever said but STILL HUE] Even if he had failed, it’s his endurance and determination that gets me. I think what makes this concept so cute to me is the resemblance to every kid’s dream to fly, and he’s just the same. He’s a dreamer, and even in that little passage of a background, I can see the character traits he has. I think what really makes this story great is that he has admirable qualities that can be inferred from his actions and dreams.

    The design of the dragon pairs so well with the backstory, where his adorable details match the childlike aspirations he has. Honestly, this is just a freaking amazing mod! I only wish that I had been around to see its progress, I love it so much! I’m impressed with how much thought was put into this, gosh, this all came together so nicely. This is a great mod on so many levels. Fantastic job!
    You have no idea how much this surprised me when I woke up early in the morning to see this large text fill my phone! xD
    No hate, I honestly felt relieved overall that this practice of appreciating what you like about the mod is becoming a common action, it really helps, and it overall makes the modder feel.. just, overwhelmed, and golly gosh, it's amazing. ;v; <3
    And right? single voxel stuff just make my head spin-- GOSH I STILL FORGOT TO EDIT THE OLD WEIRD STUFF I HAD!
    I'm glad you noticed the straps! Those I had a little bit of a debate on designing, because that'd mean I'd have to be including a bunch of buckles, a bunch of clips, but it worked easy when that was tied to the back of the dragon overall, and with the sails being easily foldable, the concept behind that definitely added up to the overall functionality and cleanliness of the straps, since technically straps can attach from underneath as well, and thankfully most dragons are scaled, they won't really feel that pain! >:3c
    Though probably will end up fixing that up, it might be too strange to have buckles underneath!

    At first, this concept was meant to be another generic Steampunk thing actually! I didn't really have an idea at first back then, but -- oh wait, actually, now that brings an alternative design! >:0
    Anywyas, random inspiration, ahaha! But still, I'm really glad that you took that message, it's really hard to really incorporate sincerity with a lot of creations these days, but thankfully it's coming out slowly, and I hope more people keep creating for the fun of it! I never really wanted to get too sentimental with the creations I make, but it's almost becoming a habit to start thinking of stories, backgrounds, and maybe even creating supportive art for it! It's amazing how far one could go with modding, and golly gosh, it's the best! >:D
    Now to throw that cheese out the window! :^)

    No worries! People get busy understandably, and it happens! You should totes poke around the group more in your free time! :^)
    Thank you overall! :DD

    Quote Originally Posted by Cicasajt View Post
    gifcam works on any garbage computer. even on mine
    Unfortunately any gif maker I have usually breaks my computer since lag, this is what happens normally hue:
    [this was in F7, so it adds up the lag stuff, I cri]

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperShiva View Post
    woooo this dragon looks great ! please bring it in game Tron its awesome !
    Heeeeeee <3
    I'm honored, thank you for the support! <3

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    Speaking of which.. an Update!

    Thanks to the wonderful anonymous,
    He was able to create an amazing VFX set specifically for Archieon!

    From his windy breaths,

    To the functionality of his ear-like sails,

    Unfortunately, I can't show the shooty mc shooty stuff
    since I still don't really have the dragon myself,
    but OVERALL!
    THE VFX!
    credits to Anon for creating such awesome effects! T^T <3 <3 <3

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    try to made a gif here
    i can`t find any word to speak cus it`s so awesome xD


    sry my english was bit weak if i make some mistake in what i say pls tell me

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    Firstly; Awesome dragon >:00 I love everything about him already from his little snoot and down to his paws and tail and cute little backstory!! Would really love to see him end up in-game Trove could use some more Steampunk
    Plus it could go well with Admiral >:9 b wink wonk

    And awesome vfx (esp the lil' gear is cute), I applaud whoever helped you out on tis' :'D

    Secondly; Deli your mods will never stop inspiring me to make things or stop me from just sitting there to stare at your models going,, "AWW HECK that's really cool!!"
    Keep up the awesome work man >:DD

    phew alrighty I really need to come to the Trove Forums more often
    IGN : WyvernWarr | draco main | love birb ˎ₍ʚ₎ˏ

    - WYV was here

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    aaaaa congratulations on your dragon being accepted
    Honestly can't believe how I didn't notice this beauty before, can't wait to see it ingame!

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    Heyy, congrats for this getting accepted !
    I remember seeing it on Discord, I think I already told you It's amazing ?

    Definitely looking forward on how it will be implemented in the lore !

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