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Thread: @Fasti So our augmented stellar gems will be useless?

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    @Fasti So our augmented stellar gems will be useless?

    Could we get some kind of info about the fate of our stellar gems we have spent tons of $$ and time getting maxed?

    Will they have a use outside of being loot collected for dust?

    Will they Upgrade into the new rarity?

    Will they be obsolete with the new rarity?

    This is a HUGE unanswered question that has been asked a lot and I understand
    If itís not time as there is still much to be learned but please atleast let us know what the
    Upgrade mechanism will be or IF there will be atleast.

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    Ofc not that would be Utter insanity :P I got 200Ä in my gems all at 90% plus
    Loot collect them ?! hahahah Dude please dont talk like that

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