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Thread: Sick of rampage fridays

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    Sick of rampage fridays

    Why is it every Friday rampages spawn more frequently. It’s ridiculous that rampages have an increased spawn rate on Friday’s. (Don’t say they don’t because the evidence of them spawning more on fridays is clear). It’s ridicoulous.

    Something has to be done to fix this.

    I also want to be able to turn off rampages completely, I don’t want the intrusive and loud announcement when they start. I don’t want the rampage bosses harassing me when I am in neon city alone and this alert starts. The rampages are not fun, they’re annoying, stupid and ruin my Trove time.

    Today’s challenges, using eastern time:

    I missed the 7 & 8 am challenges

    9:00AM rampage
    10:00AM coin collection
    11:00AM coin collection
    12:00PM rampage
    1:00PM RAMPAGE
    2:00PM RAMPAGE

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    This annoys me also. It's really ironic how rampages were so rare when they first came out, and when players finally got the Luminopolis items, rampages became common. I can not believe that the developers would have challenges mostly rampages on Fridays. They say that rampages and dragon challenges are random, but that doesn't seem right from my experience. If they are random, pray to RNGesus (or normal Jesus, or whatever divine being you believe in) 5 minutes before the next hour for the challenge to be a Dragon Challenge, and hope that your prayer is heard... See my thread 'The Great Dragon Coin Famine --- Is the trust gone?' for more information.
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