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Thread: Crashing/freeezing

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    Hello Trion i am constantly having crashing and freezing issues almost every 38 to 40 mins of gameplay it is mostly random and not tied to a single character as all characters have the same issue and it does not seem to be a biome either as it happens in the hub and in all biomes but especially when fishing for a period of time I would say less than 8 fish and it begins freezing and sometimes it will go back to normal but then keeps freezing frequently and it makes it completely unable to play or it will freeze completely and you cannot move or do anything and you have to completely restart the application. this is all happening on NA server PS4 I really hope there can be a fix for this because this is a great game and I know from past experience you are a great company with talented staff. This bug is just incredibly annoying.

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    Yeah I'm getting hit with this too. Sad to say this is STILL happening in the geode update. I'm inclined to be leave that dev's don't care enough to fix it.
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    I have this also,
    However I was doing some digging around and when it's an extended period of time, there seems to be a bit of bad code.

    After fishing for an amount of time it freezes up.
    I use some debug information and it seems there is a memory leak causing it to happen.

    Normally a quick restart fixes it but sometimes it doesn't and it happens faster.

    Could be all those VFXs out there or just not the best code for the game.

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