hi my club has 30 biomes and were looking for members if you donate flux you get a house or donate a steller youll also get put in a rand pick for full steller once a month
donation reward below

500 flux = tree house on misty peeks island
1 steller = home with garden
1000 flux you pick a type of house tree house or ground house
500 flux = underground bace
1500 flux = eny type of home on misty peek and you choice of ware at
1 steller you get eny spot on misty peek and your choice of what you want on it could be a garden could be a house could be a portal room enything really

pm me on xbox for inv im supersniper2018 ill be on today at 3;35 pm
leave a comment if you want to donate
donate 15k flux to be promoted to capten