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Thread: Will our Stellar gems be upgradable into new rarity?

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    I have a really good solution for both the players and the developers for the upgrade from Stellar Gems to Astral Gems.
    You can only upgrade a Stellar gem to Astral rarity if all of its stats are 100% maxed out, and Astral gems cannot be obtained from gem boxes. This is to ensure that players who have worked hard will keep their progress. I know that I am far from maxing out my gems but I can imagine how pissed off I would be if I had to feed my Stellar gems to the loot collector. This idea is good for the players because they keep their progress and the developers because they make more $$ because more players will buy bound brilliance.
    I honestly don't have any problem with my idea because I have my treasure hoard of 650 bound brilliance saved up from daily boons. (I used to think that bound brilliance should not be common but I realize now how lucky I am to get all of that)
    If bound brilliance was tradable I would be giving it out like candy to yellow-named players.
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    There is no new rarity. we're getting a new gem TYPE, NOT a new gem TIER
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    Oh okay.
    A few weeks ago developers said we were getting a new tier though.

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    Fasti specifically said on another post that they do not plan to implement a new rarity. I would get a link to it, but im typing on my ps4.
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