Welcome to the latest live stream notes thread!

This week the team showed off some more of the communities club worlds on PS4. Some amazing detail put into the work.
Luxion is back in the hub with his wares. You'll find some old event items in his wares this time.

The team teased some upcoming PVP last week and have stated more info next week. A tease screenshot was shown which looked like a standard map but in place of mystery powerups, it looked like the powerups were specifically shown, not randomly chose. Still in speculation.

New battle mode coming out and everyone will have the same set of abilities, new abilities gained by picking up on the map. Hopefully levels the playing field a bit more. Fast and frenetic.

Shout out from the team regarding unveiling some new big things which you may or not not find on the Trove Twitter account: @TroveGame so consider following for updates and news.

Battle arena tease image

Questions and Answers Session:

Is moving the outpost NPC's to cornerstones an acceptable practice?
We've seen it happening so we are aware and we may prevent it from possible in the future.

Do you have update on the stuck at login issues?
Working on resolving this issue now, ended up being more complex than expected. Although we know this isnt a fix typing /tutorial will restart the client as a workaround.

What about reworking power rank contests as the same people always win?
We are definitely revamping the power rank contests after our next major release.

Why isn't there a way to organise storage of trophies?
We are adding more free personal storage in the next big update, not trophy specific but you could use it for that purpose.

Why arent trophies listed in the collection?
Right now they are just a decor award and will likely stay that way.

Is it possible to address an issue of shadow tower boss trophies not being stackable?
We'll look into that.

Any plans to do something about the backlog of styles and decor on Trove Creations?
We have mentioend a couple of times about starting to take more user created stuff. We've started with a few costumes and mounts that you'll see in the next update. After that well be looking at decor and styles.

Can you make the sound of radiant and stellar drops easier more recognisable?
We can look at re-evaluating that with the release of the next rarity tier.

Can the platform for neon outpost be made like spawn so blocks can be placed but not destroyed?
Were considering adding a layer of indestructibility to it.

When will fun factory get new things?
No direct answer but there are several new block types in the next big update.

Is there gonna be any more use for fiery feathers?
Yes, no details on it yet though.

Can console get the same box opening mod as PC has?
We totally would like to revamp the entire box opening process. We will get around to it someday, but no date yet. We understand the pain though.

Are there any plans for more frameworks for some of existing biomes
There will be more but related to the new content that's coming out. We intend to add more as we go, specifically visiting old biomes.

Will you add more methods to obtain meteorite fragments as they currently only spawn in one section of one biome? Perhaps add to gardening bench or swamp mob drops.
Meteor fragments and cinnabar are two items we are looking at adding additional distribution methods for. Cinnabar will be getting a tome for example.

Any plans for more organic blocks?
its on our list of community requests, no further updates.

What is up with that block growing from another dimension in the trove atlas in the hub?
So many theories on this so far, we'll tell you in just over 2 weeks.

That ends this weeks recap, thank you to Evilagician for the screengrab of the spoiler image. As usual to all, enjoy your gaming and take care.

@Edit: Updated link with a higher resolution image, courtesy of Twixler.