i got lv 3 steller mele heatbeater im selling for 10k flux
i also got lv 1 steller ring for 10k flux
and i got lv 3 shadow ring for 5 k
or ill sell all for 20k

pm me at supersniper2018 on xbox
or add me to check out my store called ajparty place trades its 6 storys high and has over 100
diffrent items like statues of allies i have for sale bricks for building ore mounts listed on story 3
i also have items like trophy and pool table also neon torches and couches its open monday to thursday 3;15 to 9;45 weekends friday to sunday 8;30 am to 10;30 pm
i have over 100 items on display ill have 50 new items every day you can buy a party pass that is 500 flux for a month of 25% off all items but for party player pass its 1000 flux you can get 50% on all items for 2 months the pass you can get is a name tag that says it