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Thread: hi im a skilled builder and ill pay 30k to be a vp

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    hi im a skilled builder and ill pay 30k to be a vp

    hi i own 3 servers on minecraft ive played 3 years and im skilled in bulding ill pay 10k flux if you make me vp friend me on xbox im supersniper2018 ive built on alpha wolf wondercraft high and super smash mobs soo friend me and make me vp ill pay10k flux

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    You don't need to be a VP to build.

    You must know what you're asking sounds fishy...

    Your title says 30k, but the body 10k as well.

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    i ment to say30 k

    ill pay 30 k

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    im mastery lv 25

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    You dont need to be vp for building as stated above being vp doent come with any added bonuses for purposes of building except to make you feel special and open the possibility of trolling someone's club world and allows you to steal all their portals and benches etc. So be careful to all other readers

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