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    HUB: Lets talk about it.

    Devs are weird, they livestream club world every week, but the Hub they design are so dull.

    Same for having outdated old login screen for years till recently.

    【What is with the updraft block in SW corner for???】

    Although Sun goddess statue and Atlas is added, the HUB layout is still terrible.

    There is no vivid in HUB at all. Would anyone like that for a Social HUB?

    For sake, I wanna demolish that 2 hut already and replace it with

    ************************************************** ************************************************** **************

    Why added Framework when Devs doesnt even bother to showcase in HUB???

    Tether and showcase mount in HUB will be a good addition feature.

    Bouncy jump pad pinata platform in HUB (We know ppl and even Devs like throwing pinata party)

    Mag rider rail track with trove soundtrack in HUB.

    Add some color to the dragon statue or simply replace with a large full scale dragon.

    ************************************************** ************************************************** **************

    HUB is the first stop for Beginner to visit, first impression is important.

    EDIT:Regard Beginner lost of what to do in HUB.

    Nothing on HUB Map Whoo, Map legend are so helpful, not...

    + +

    Add ICON of every structure in HUB with Legend and Tooltip, perhaps expertise quest too .

    ************************************************** ************************************************** **************

    Trove design team really need to seek HELP from talented builder to redesign HUB.

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    Agree with everything you've mentioned. I've been asking for a complete hub overhaul (or an entirely new concept) since open beta, ultimately because it's the same generic modular layout that was used in alpha, the concept hasn't changed, only the structures. Aside from the Sun Godess and club station, there is no cohesion in any of the other directions, which interrupts any sense of theme, flow, and makes navigation a guessing game.

    First impressions are important, and as I've brought up a dozen times, the hub (or any transportation system that gets you to your intended target) is essential to get right early on for new players, especially since clubs aren't readily available to you and that there's a ridiculous amount of benches and portals you need to navigate through. The lack of direction leaves the player on their own to figure out what each section is intended for, which is okay at later stages of the game, but when you're thrown into the cluster-flux of a hub shortly after the tutorial, it can be a bit daunting.

    The other fundamental issue which can honestly be seen as a cause of what I've already stated, which is not compensating for future design. Since the hub is limited in space, which during alpha, was fine since the game didn't need all the space. Now as the game has grown, we're lacking space to accommodate any future sections in a way that can be implemented where it doesn't compromise design and make the hub even more noisy than it already is.

    A few additional issues:

    the only two "farm" buildings, completely out of place in the hub has the essential basic recovery bench and seasonal benches inside.

    can be flooded, since outside of the hub isn't build protected.

    • hub often spawns enclosed in a mountain due to biome/seed generation, which blocks paths leading out of the hub and looks terrible, especially for a first impression.

    grass loss due to blocks covering light. Another example: https://i.imgur.com/vD64mbM.png

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    I would love to see an overhaul on the tech for hub worlds, or a custom world that wasn't necessarily procedurally generated, similar to the tutorial world. Where you could use all of the biome space given. Possibly incorporate the environment, make a volcano, make an actual city, etc., and without limited space, add onto it when necessary with more subtlety, details and better flow.

    I know at one point, Andrew wanted to do a hub contest as well, where the community created the hub. There's some extremely creative players, and I'm sure they'd kill to work on something like that. Obviously that's asking for a lot, but at least a conversation starter.

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    I've never once given the hub any thought but you two make excellent points. As a new player you have got to be absolutely lost on what to do.

    The other day I came across two brand new players walking south and killing lady bugs in the hub area, i followed them for a bit cause i could tell they were brand new. Chatted a bit and showed them the direction on where to go. Sadly the server shut down only a few minutes after so im not sure if they figured out everything.

    I agree with everything posted above, I think perhaps Trion should offer some sort of reward (such as modders receive) to help redesign the hub, add in some sort of "flow" that directs people where to go. Even if it requires a few signs posted around, the hub can even be made a lot bigger to showcase more things.

    Good thinking guys, players would probably stick around more than ten minutes if they could figure stuff out easier.

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    There was the Trovesaurus Community Designed Hub Contest but it doesn't seem like it got any traction or support for anyone to submit.

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    The Hub could definitely use some love. We've been working on some really big stuff recently that has taken up a lot of time but we're hoping to take another look at the Hub at some point.

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