hi im a good trove player so i had a thought why not stock up on 50 items and pput 1 of each on desplay in my cornerstone and make a little shop so far i made 15k i sell plants all the way to well pritty much evrything so friend me on xbox im supersniper2018 and check out what i got my store has new stuff dayley i sell for flux glim and dragon mattiral im open on trove weekdays 3.20pm to 9.00pm weekend all day untill 10.00pm my prices are rangeing from 10 flux to 10k flux
i also sell wepons of all kinds prices bellow
epic 500 flux
legendary 1000 flux
tundra 500 flux
fae 600 flux
rare 800flux
rainbow 1000 flux
shadow 1500 flux
stellar 5000 to 10k flux
guns stellar are 5000 swords 8000 bows 10k staves 8000 rings 5000 and hats are get this only 1000 faces are 500 stellar fist 10k so remeber im the cheapest place to find steller my store is currently 13 storys tall so your gunna find what your looking for friend me on xbox at supersniper2018 and ill gladly add you add me in the next 2 days get 50% off eny 2 stellers and a pm partymart pass 50 % off all items for a month if expires its 5000 flux to get a new pass im supersniper2018 on xbox