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Thread: NPC Task not calculating

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    Post NPC Task not calculating

    I took on an NPC task in my club yesterday, Find 15 swords in Medieval Highlands, easy, or so I thought. I have earned probably 3 times as many trying different variations of ways to get the task to calculate the swords I "find". I've used every sword wielding class I have and gone to many various difficulties of the area and nothing worked. If I knew how to cancel it I would! Please help!

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    Press "i" to open the Adventures menu then click on the club tab, in the quest box for each quest there will a red "x" button click on that to cancel the quest.

    Oops just realized this is the xbox forum, I play on pc those instructions are for the pc, I don't know how you would open Adventure menu on xbox but it has to have something similiar, hope this helps.

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    The sword quest is known to be broken and will be removed from the game soon. As to removing the quest from your character, go to the menu, select adventures and remove it from there.

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