This is AirShadowHawk, founder and President of Sun Goddess City, officially announcing that the city is now open for enrollment. Please note that there is a citywide code of conduct, and all members are required to comply. I will do my best to be fair to all members, but the code is in place to prevent random chaos. This way, if someone builds something, they will be able to keep it. I will be posting soon with the official Club constitution. This will be in a word document, but if you do not have Microsoft Word or any program that allows you to read word documents, please pm me, and I will see about addressing the issue.
You may see the username I use here is JRob0793. This is my PC account when I played Trove on PC. I will be using this account for posting on the forums, so if there is another claiming to be AirShadowHawk, they are attempting to impersonate me.
I look forward to your enrollment, and upon doing so, will be giving you your opening gifts.

President AirShadowHawk