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Hi EveryoneI recognize the frustration about downtime - I play a lot of games too, and know the feeling - especially where theres downtime over multiple days.
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Can someone ELI5 why 2 maintenances, 2 days in a row, and both without any "changes"?
This is a good question. Not all downtime will result in changes to the actual game itself (we call this the client - what you play on the PS4 - or the Trove servers that the client connects to). Here are a few examples of the many types of maintenance we might need to do:
  • Update or modify the hardware or supporting hardware that the Trove servers run on (add memory, upgrade storage, etc)
  • Update or modify the the software/OS that the Trove servers run on (just like you get Windows Updates on your computers, we need to update the OS or other software the Trove servers run on)
  • Database maintenance
  • Updates to the servers that support all Trion games (authentication, commerce, etc)
  • Security updates/patches to the servers or supporting infrastructure for Trove
  • Coordinated downtime with our ISP or other service providers
  • Modifications to the Trion network - router, firewall, etc.
  • Many others...
Sometimes the above affects all platforms. Sometimes it's specific to a platform. In the case of downtime specific to a single platform, it wouldn't make sense to bring all platforms.
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Also begs to differ that you are already bringing it down today, why not just extend today to fix it now instead what Scrimbim said, on gem day.
This is another good question, and is a good follow-up to the question above.Believe me: We want to minimize downtime. Most importantly, players cant play Trove (of course). On top of that they may not come back afterwards, we lose out on potential revenue, and its alot of work for us! :) As such we take downtime seriously. And so does Fasti - he called out several days ago asking for the downtime to be rolled into this mornings downtime or delayed until Thursday as he foresaw the same concerns you all do (Gems, etc).Anytime we need to schedule downtime, theres a core group that discusses the specifics. We weigh what we are doing in the downtime and the various risks. Some of the things we take into consideration:
  1. The length of each task, and the buffer required
  2. The risk of each item
  3. How long it takes to validate the item
  4. Can the items be done in parallel or consecutive to other tasks?
  5. The stakeholders required to be on hand to complete the task
  6. The stakeholders required to be on hand if something goes wrong (these can be out of our control, we work with external teams too!)
  7. The potential downtime to correct the issue should something go wrong, and how that would affect our peak times for players online (Friday updates are rare for a reason - they are very stressful)
  8. Any many more...
When planning the downtime for tomorrow - given the above - we decided to keep it separate from the updates this morning.I know this dosent give specifics, but hopefully it gives you some insight into the decision making process for scheduling downtime (and to reassure you we do discuss things like this!)Thanks!--Phantasie
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