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Thread: Request Of New Costumes

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    Lightbulb Request Of New Costumes

    Hello Everyone Reading This, Fae Fae To You, And Fae Fae To Everyone Else!

    But in all seriousness, let me just throw out there a discussion I want to bring up really quick. As you must know by now, Trove has a lot of costumes out for many of our preferred classes,
    but as it seems as Trove's new 1000 mastery level system sure is bringing most collective players, (or Master Hunters) back. I myself just want to bring up one quick request, and for others, a request of their own... But me assuming that, oh well, I'm not really wise. But to the lovely Development Team for Trion, I am only few on PS4 that truly mains the Fae Trickster and thus am one who has all perfect dps gems, but I don't want to brag... Honest. I just request an idea, I'm sad that Fae doesn't have more than two chaos crafted costumes, and though all the store costumes are cool and all, I was just hoping for more costumes in Trove, not just for my main. And if you do, I recommend something for Fae that would yell "I'm the spawn of Satan, bow down before me"Something like that, thank you for reading this whoever does, and Fae Fae to all of you

    Pro The Fae

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    I second this notion!

    I was just recently thinking why is there no proper fire fairy costume.?! And not getting one with the heroes update was a big bummer. 😭 Want more costumes yesssss!

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