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Thread: [STELLAR AURA] Cosmic Cranium

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    [STELLAR AURA] Cosmic Cranium

    Here's an aura that I originally had packaged with one of my costumes: The Starlit Sentinel. Now it comes as a standalone Aura with a few tweaks.
    • I removed the star that floated above the forehead, as that was mostly just intended for the costume.
    • I reduced the overall size and moved the aura up a few notches so that it doesn't completely envelop the torso.

    1.1 Changes:

    Increased the size and vibrancy of certain particle layers. The Aura should now not be nearly enveloped by the head.

    This aura replaces the Holy Halo stellar aura, which is available by default.

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    just amazing

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    Beautiful aura, looks really good. Thanks for the mod!

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