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Thread: Trove Livestream Notes 20/04/2018

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    Post Trove Livestream Notes 20/04/2018

    Welcome to the latest live stream notes thread!

    This week James led us on the Q&A with Julia, Noah and Keetsie at the helm.

    Upcoming Revenant change highlights:
    • Passive extend the health return/leech effect from the basic attack and the bulwark bash damage. Gain 5% health based on the damage you do.
    • The leech now works correctly in ultra shadow towers.(Tomb raisers too)
    • The basic attack will be able to apply a debuff on the target, increases all incoming damage to the target by 5%
    • Basic attack damage has been increased by 300%
    • Reduced cooldown from 7 seconds to 5 seconds on bulwark bash
    • Increased size of the cone attack to ease in hitting multiple targets.
    • Spirit spears will now uses physical damage instead of Max health for its damage increase
    • Reduced the health cost for spirit spears 3% for initial activation and 5% for each tick
    • Spirit spears tick twice as fast now
    • Increased the size of the cone for spirit spears
    • Reduced the movement restriction when using spirit spears
    • Revenants are immune to knockbacks when spirit spears are active
    • Spirit storm isnt toggleable anymore, health cost's reduced slightly, it applies a snare to all targets after its 5 second duration.
    • The spirit blasts released from spirit storm releases twice as fast
    • Spirit storm does 4x more damage
    • Spirit storm nows taunts enemies
    • Pull is now 20% larger
    Class gem:
    Aegis Assault gains the benefit of vengeful spirits passive
    You'll also gain 5% of the damage ult back as health, has no cooldown.
    The damage over time effect will not give back health

    Sub class ability:
    Returns health while damaging enemies 1/3rd of a second cooldown, may be changed. Starts at 1% up to 3.5%

    Song of Petallura event:
    Event now live, help Petallura usher in the spring season and earn a baby chick ally by completing the questline. A bit of gardening and collecting.

    Next class after Revenant for rework is Ice Sage

    Questions and Answers Session:

    When will the Boomeranger get a good old dev remake?
    Don't have a date for the Boomeranger yet, its on the list, but lower on the list.

    Any plans on reworking empowered gem abilities?
    Can say we have some thoughts on gems for the longer term, nothing short term or anything I can talk about right now. We have some interesting thoughts in the long term.

    Any plans for reworking the class gems?
    We look at the class gem and sub class abilities when we look at reworks for classes.

    Can event start and end dates need to be on the new welcome screen?
    Its been added to the tracker, dates at the moment can be found on the blogs detailing the event details.

    Will you please incorporate a search feature to the club roster?
    Not on the short term list, but added as an item to track

    Why do the resistors have tidepod coloured costumes?
    Its a coincidence, they had the colours before all that hit..

    Will you please add a daily outpost quest counter for quality of life?
    Its a good ask, added to the tracker

    How do you as a team feel heroes went so far? Anything you feel you could have done better?
    There are some things we are happy about and others we will learn from like the ps4 issues. Particular we like the rampages and seeing the chat go wild shouting invites. Definitely some stuff well take as learning.

    The bug with the dino tamer ultimate?
    Spoke to someone internally about it just yesterday, going to take another look and scrutinise it more

    Will you guys address memory leaks?
    It depends on what platform you are on, let us know where you are experiencing these. Were curious to know as we've just done an update for crashes and memory leaks

    When will the next extra life pack come out?
    It will be soon after the next big update

    On Gatherers day which increases the ore drop rates, how does that affect the iridescent fragments?
    You get an additional roll on the loot table each time that you mine, so with each mine, you roll on the table twice to get the iridescent fragments.

    Are the item description texts supposed to be stretched out?
    No..there is a bug where sometimes they get stretched, were looking into it.

    That ends this weeks livestream recap, take care all and enjoy your gaming

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    Nothing about the state of patron Lustrous Boxes. Disappointing.

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    Revenant is going to get a nice buff I see. Revenant will be strong, but 50/100% more damage from [M2] Bulwark Bash would be very welcome too. I hope the Bulwark Bash won't be completly replaced by Basic Attacks with AS build.

    Now time for a question. I see that class gem will be changed too a little, but what with the stackable damage over time? Mostly all of DoTs in the game don't deal critical hits, so will Revenant's damage over time will start doing it? I didn't hear anything about it during livestream, or I just missed it.

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    Those changes on Rev look very promising. I personally like the Rev subclass change.

    As always, thanks Shiro for your awesomeness.

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    I have mixed feelings about Spirit Spears becoming related to damage instead of health...

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    Quote Originally Posted by HolyAlexanderNULL View Post
    I have mixed feelings about Spirit Spears becoming related to damage instead of health...
    I certainly don't. Spirit spears is going to be much, much stronger now that hp-damage scaling won't be happening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HolyAlexanderNULL View Post
    I have mixed feelings about Spirit Spears becoming related to damage instead of health...
    +1 to that

    Quote Originally Posted by LippyLapras View Post
    I certainly don't. Spirit spears is going to be much, much stronger now that hp-damage scaling won't be happening.
    I (and many others) did the HP build of the Rev not because I wanted that his HP-based skill (which makes Rev unique, btw) got turned into PD-based one.
    Rev had M2 skill, for all those who did PD builds of him.
    Devs nerfed Rev once. Let's not do it again.

    You can say "Meh, just re-roll the stats, and get the damage back". I can. But I want my Rev to have HP and DPS.
    I'm glad that I haven't wasted augments on Rev's gems, but I'm pretty sure that others, who usually donate money, did. And they'll be sad about it.

    I don't play Rev now (I play other classes, some during regular farming, others - in ST's, and pick him just to replenish flasks with Valorous Vial during solo UM DD fights), as the ST is proportionally getting "weaker" (we still have the same 10k PR difficulties), as the PR is getting up, but the difficulty isn't - and tanking ether titans or bosses isn't needed anymore, but I feel kinda sad, that the game is getting less and less "skilled" (I know, as if it ever was), and becoming an another "press X to win" title.

    R.I.P. VV+SS times. R.I.P. 14m Rev that could farm U9 using its unique HP ability.

    IGN: Vitalius
    Quote Originally Posted by ExolonKnight View Post
    Well the way your servers are no one can actually tell the difference between a DDos attack and Lag.
    As the lag is so prevalent for past 3+ years no one notices because Trove acts like normal like a Whale
    Swimming through the Sahara desert i.e. bloody slow as F..... lag is 24/7 so I for one can't tell the difference ... even Runescape servers make Trove ones look like true, true Potatoes..)

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