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    Invites were fixed ...been using them since the hot fix last week. The more you know

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    Quote Originally Posted by KoBeWi View Post
    Dusting the servers.
    Quote Originally Posted by Berel View Post
    Every game need to reset servers weekly, its just routine and helps to prevent performance issues that aren't dealt with yet. Also I am willing to bet 5 glim that it wont take 3 hours in total
    The servers are located in some datacenter, not some dirty teenager boys room. If the enviroment is so bad they have to do cleaning, which require turned off servers, i would really recommend them to find another datacenter.

    If it was a restart, they could have written "server restart" Which they usually do, but time estimated for restarts is only 30min, so this is for something else.

    This is why i'd like some small details, whether it's important or not, instead of all these assumptions. :^)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Partytree View Post
    Invites were fixed ...been using them since the hot fix last week. The more you know
    You must not be playing on PS4. EVERYONE on there knows that invites donít work. Just hop on the PS4 subforum and educate yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cerkaz View Post
    Could we have some more details on what you're doing under Maintenance for?
    i mean there must be some tech-details under 3 hours downtime, or you just taking 3 hours downtime for fun?

    Just writing Maintenance is the most boring thing you can do, and makes it feel "unnecessary". You used to write Windows updates before, which was fine.
    It was Windows updates. We would call it out before but it also caused confusion from people who didn't realize that even PS4 servers needed Windows updates. When we go with generic maintenance" it's generally for Windows Updates.

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