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    Crashing in Store

    Anyone else crash when they move through the tabs in the Store too fast? I always have to wait for each window to load every time I change tabs. If I don’t my game freezes and I have to restart.

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    We'll check this out. If others are seeing this as well definitely let us know!

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    I have the same problem.. also sometimes it doesn’t even load the first store screen and either crashes the whole game or freezes and I have to restart. I wanted to buy the gem socket remover things and it took three tries to get to the gem tab without crashing the game on ps4

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    Ps4 (shop) crash

    When I open up the shop and move one tab it will crash my whole game and give me the ERROR code for ps4 crashes, could you please start working on this problem now? It’s not just me it’s other people who are having this issue and it needs to be resolved. Sorry for the heat up.

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    Still crashes when you open the store on ps4 version

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