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Thread: Frontline Ace is looking for people to chat and hang out with

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    Frontline Ace is looking for people to chat and hang out with

    ...._. Frontline Ace ._.. .

    Greetings, my comrade!

    I am Imphie the founder of Frontline Ace. A club that I created for people to hang out and have fun. Yes! Fun is always the main goal whether you like doing um st with our carries or building your next masterpiece. We are very social and humorous especially during peak hours.

    We are about to hit 3 years as a club in August!

    What we can offer you:

    1. Our total power rank is over 1.1 million.
    2. Ultra carries from spikewalker to daughter of the moon during Mondays.
    3. More than 350 biomes and building permissions as a member.
    4. Tier 3 Fixtures including a merchant
    5. Underground and sky fishing
    6. Dragon Crucible (duh)
    7. Battle arena cause I like killing people
    8. Giveaways like mounts, wings and dragon eggs! ( Not rigged I swear )


    1. Catch some wild pokemon, train them to level 100, teach them some moves and fight other players or challenge me for gym badges! You can also trade with other people.

    2. Money!!! Go to work, commit crimes or gamble your way to a million dollars and earn a special role! We also offer a shop to buy collectibles and other neat stuff. Game on!

    3. Marriages! Find that special someone and take your relationship to the next level! We also offer arranged marriages for you lonely virgins out there.

    4. Come join in with other people's interests and hobbies like listening to music, talking about anime and sharing memes.
    Discord Link

    Still not convinced?

    Here is some propaganda feedback from our members:


    One of many musical compositions that can be found in our club world!

    We have a lot of cool builds to show off. Feel free to come visit our club world.

    How to join:
    Your ign and(or) discord tag (name#1234)
    What is your focus in this game? (st/building/crafting/friends)

    Thank you and see ya in game!

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    Sounds great! I love the post.

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    Let's play chess!

    It reminds me of no game no life where the world of disboard has giant chess pieces scattered throughout the planet.

    This one is our bank! People dont go inside often because of lag. There is just so much gold and brightness. I love it.

    This is our club spawn. The left entrance is the trophy room with the portals and the right entrance leads to the fishing spots and benches.

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    ign: Hoopleess
    Discord: Silver#2702
    I want to join to find friends

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    IGN: DrunkPanda
    Discord: J.avi#6981
    I'm looking for an active club with friendly members

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