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    Will you please add Daily Outpost Quest Counter for QoL? It will help a lot for us to track how many quest we've done before reaching NO REWARD (Adventurine) QUEST. Same can be applied for Club.

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    How do you as a team feel Heroes has went so far? anything that could have been done better?
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    Thanks for saving my bacon, Chronozilla.

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    Exclamation Depleting FPS

    Trove heroes update brought up many new fantastic things yea sure there are bugs but in my opinion the biggest issue is our fps in game is being eaten away slowly over time. Within 30 minutes of farming my fps can go from 100 avg fps to 30-40. I hope you guys address this issue. Also, many players agree that its because of the new shaders which I also think is.. Is it really?

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    Quote Originally Posted by g1enCOCO View Post
    How come the PS4 players donít get a spring sale? If this is an error are we going to have extra time to purchase the items if it gets fixed?
    Not every platform has sales at the sale time. If you play on PS4 you won't miss out on a sale, it just may not happen at the same time as others.

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    It would be nice if you guys would specify since not all platforms are equal.

    Also, when will the invite system for the PS4 be fixed?

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    1) The bug with Dino tamer ultimate, that makes players stuck in transforming animation forever and prevent them from doing any attack, has been reported yet still existed since 2016. Can you give us some updates on this issue?

    2) Can we get back the feature of sorting online/offline member and teleport to other club members in club interface?

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    1, Will you guys address the memory leaks from what i'm assuming is being caused by the new shadows. I grind an uber world for 10 to 20 minutes and my frames go from 110 to 50 and it's getting really annoying having to re-log constantly.

    2. When will the next extra life pack come out? Will it come out in the next big update or will it be released later?
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    1. Are you still thinking about adding back the arrow to port to club members?

    2. Would you consider club quests to donate a clubit aswell as giving the player adv, currently people are still trying to get there own items and paying rent is getting harder and harder

    3. Is the merchant going to Aquire anymore goodies eg: a fist

    4. Could we get a more obvious patron indicator on the welcome screen?

    5. lustrious gems are a gift and a curse for a patron, id like to suggest that patrons get two drop for every 1, a non patron only needs to farm 3 but farming 6 seems way to dificult in peoples limited time.

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    1. Can the chloro have no RNG in wether it is viable or not?

    2. Can you get rid of RNG Rampages and if no, can we get a reason?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fumikage View Post
    Why did you scrap the class gem Tricky Fae-scape? It seems like a better idea than the current class gem Fae-go my Ego, as it protects you and allows you to reposition yourself after you are hit, instead of allowing you to be hit again. It says that it has a cooldown, so it's not like it can be abused for the buffs alone.
    I disagree that Tricky Fae-scape is a good class gem for the Fae and I'm glad it was scrapped. As an ability Tricky Fae-scape goes against what Fae Trickster's role and playstyle encourage. Tricky Fae-scape, for reference, activates when you're low on health and makes you immune to dmg, increases your speed, and gives you a free blink. These abilities sound nice enough, but how many times will a good Fae player be low on health? It'd never activate for good Fae players and would just be a dead gem half the time. At least Fae-go my ego helps encourage playing class correctly by giving you more leeway with the passive. If Fae is going to be buffed it's not the Emp gems that need work, it's the single target DPS and the lackluster ultimate. Fae's identity is THE single target DPS class yet for some reason Gunslinger deals twice a Fae's single target DPS while also being AoE. How is that balanced? Fae needs a stronger ultimate and increased base attack speed/dmg if Trion wants it to compete with the gunslinger hell meta we're in.

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