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    Dev Q & A thread - April 20, 2018

    Hey all,

    We've got a Trove livestream coming up on Friday so get your questions in so we can answer as many as possible during the show.


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    When is trion going to give me the value back of the items i bought on the ps4?
    this game is p2p. You have messed up 2 times now giving free items away to people.
    I have to spend 500-1000 dollars to get my spot in the ranking back?
    how is that fair to me?

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    How come the PS4 players donít get a spring sale? If this is an error are we going to have extra time to purchase the items if it gets fixed?

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    Crafting beacons requires minimum of 585 cinnabar and that’s with the “fixture” when you’re mining cinnabar on regular day that’s not Tuesday you get 4-6 cinnabar and on Tuesday you get 10-11 cinnabar per pile , and I understand that you guys mentioned that a “tome” is in the making. But when is that when all of us are done with that bench?

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    When will the boomeranger get a good old Dev rework? Also, thanks for buffing Draco!

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    I’m loosing my spot on mastery and PR leaderboards
    do to you “Being more generous” and allowing people to
    Keep the spent credits, what are the plans to level the playing field?

    After weeks of disconnects I finally saw a little sunshine
    When I found out about the spring sale only to read a “update”
    That not all platforms have the same sales? Wouldn’t a “Sorry we labeled it wrong”
    Here go ahead and push sale to PS4 been more of a better choice?

    The Vanguardian on PS4 in ranged mode whiffs 3 times then attacks 3 times,
    Is this supposed to happen? If not can we get a updated attack animation.

    PS4 market is horrible do to the influx of millions flux with credit glitch
    How are we supposed to have stability when our market is horrible?

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    Scrap Case:Possible to add cinnabar in loot table?

    Block chain:Whats the point of this in game with such ridiculous craft condition?

    Cornerstone:Will there be a way to tether mount to display in cornerstone?

    Cinnabar tome:Hope it will come before next update as the need for cinnabar decrease with each month passes.

    Rampage:1st Rampages instantly spawn in old world, but in a new world it takes couple mins. solution to speed up new world spawn time?

    Luxion:No info from Fasti and welcome page. Will this be permanent?

    Luxion:Why the sudden change in date? Every 15th and 30th is much easier to remember. Revert back?

    HR rework:Make HR affect minion, like more HR = minion hp depletes slowly.

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    Will diamond Dragonite ever be tradeable or sellable in market place? I'd love to give my friend all my diamond Dragonite since i already have all 3 dragons and he only has 1. i have 800 fragments and I'm not going to waste them on the dumb gem augments that only give 1% at most cause of rng. I'd rather make money selling them or giving them to a friend that needs it.

    Also for Christ sake, please fix the glitch that's been going on for a long time with Neon ninja and dino tamer skills. Neon ninja sometimes is unable to attack after doing his backflip skill and dino Tamer is also unable to attack when you start up his ultimate and have to switch classes to attack or else you can't attack. it's been goin on for a very long time Probably since the release of dino tamer...

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    Any plans on buffing Tomb Raiser, Chloromancer, Revenant, or the Boomeranger (Like your promised before)?

    For the future, could you make classes that have more than one class gem able to get their previous class gems? Cough cough Dino Tamer's Empowered Hunting Dart and Fae Trickster's Faerocious Facsimile.

    Any plans on using the unused gem models? Such as the Masterful Prismatic Gem or the level 2-4 gem models? Even as something simple as the model of your gem changing on how far it's been augmented would be a nice change, as the models I listed look really nice compared to the puny level 1 model.

    Why did you scrap the class gem Tricky Fae-scape? It seems like a better idea than the current class gem Fae-go my Ego, as it protects you and allows you to reposition yourself after you are hit, instead of allowing you to be hit again. It says that it has a cooldown, so it's not like it can be abused for the buffs alone.

    Any plans on reworking empowered gem abilities? Right now you can't really re-roll the ability you want without getting a completely new gem. And some of them are just plain useless (Volatile Velocity, Stinging Curse) compared to the FAR more superior abilities (Pyrodisc, Explosive Epilogue, Cubic Curtain).

    Any plans on changing how boosts (the blue cube things) on gems work? Right now if you get boosts along all 3 stats it's considered worthless and you have to look for another gem. Why can't we just change what stat the boosts go into? It would save everyone time and no one would waste their precious weekly Lunar Souls to swap the position of stats for the boosts to be in the correct spots.

    Any plans on going through the class gems of all classes and reworking them? More specifically Chloromancer's RNG.

    Could we get a stat rework? Maybe stability could be defense for example and reduce damage taken. What about health regen?

    Thanks for reading.

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    1. I really believe event start and end dates need to be back on the welcome UI. Those dates are important, and I wouldn't know when they have ended or started unless someone else told me. If all of us are confused then, where else can we find this information? Knowing that events are about two weeks long don't really help that much. Will you guys add this back?

    2. Will you guys add some way for people to keep track of all statuses of each club they are in? The same info you would see as if you had set the club to primary. This is a must for people who manage several communities. The primary only allows us to change every 24 hours.

    3. Will you add a new tab that allows clubs to see weekly clubit donations? This will help us keep track of how many clubits we are gaining and how much we are losing.

    4. Some cursed skulls still have a glitch where it plays the "start" sound every time you hit it.
    World Bosses still glitch out people's sound forcing us to restart our client.
    World Login issues are still prevalent and obnoxious. Will these three issues be addressed and fixed any time soon?

    5. Will you please incorporate a search feature for the club roster so that we don't have to scroll for 3 minutes to find a name?
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