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    Exclamation Vanguard missing from weekly contest rotation


    This is a pretty simple bug, or missing piece of content which involves the Vanguard.
    Every week there are 3 classes which will be selected for the weekly rewards.
    I understand that the Vanguard is an expert class, meaning not many people have it in general.
    Now a month has passed though, I'd figure there are quite a lot of people who have it.
    As a Vanguard main myself which ranks at the leaderboard rank 56 now, it kind of sucks I don't get any rewards for that. Ever.
    I did some questioning and there are a lot of players who feel the same way that this should be fixed.
    Can this please be fixed or implemented a.s.a.p for maybe next week's rotation or the one after that so the Vanguard at least has some time to shine?
    Even though the class was hyped up a lot and is fun to play, it feels like our efforts get shoved to the side because we try to play something you don't get from the start.

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    I'm following up with Darkmoon on this and we'll follow up once I get more info.

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    You could make it 4 hero contests per week, instead of 3, To replace the contests that were lost when they were taken out.

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