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Thread: Been a while! Best class for best dps?

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    Been a while! Best class for best dps?

    Whats the best class for dps atm? If you're playing with friends and possibly solo? I have a free class token, i got from a package as well. Right now im a berserker but I'm sure there's better. I tried looking up but didn't find any updated video!

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    The meta:
    Gunslinger for shadow towers

    Neon Ninja or Lunar Lancer for farming boxes and dungeons

    Other good DPS classes that I know of are dracolyte, pirate captain, and fae.
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    I think that everyone would agree that the Gunslinger is the best DPS class in ST's. There are other DPS classes that come close, (Draco, PC, LL, DT) but the Gunslinger is still the top DPS.
    Note: the last 3 ST's are not that melee friendly.

    Beyond ST's, I suggest that you play what you like. If you don't like the class (Like I don't like the NN movement myself) you wont stick with it, and will probably quit the game because it wasn't fun for you. So play what you like.

    When you get your classes to 20K and are using them to farm U9, It isn't built for DPS. It's built for Magic Find, and for me, its also built for fun. Example: My 20K Fae has no attack speed, but I put MS and ER on it. Magic Find on the Ally, Hat, and Ring, with the PC subclass for more magic find. I nuke the bosses with the glitter bomb because that is fun for me.

    Note: my farming class of the hour depends on what stellar weapon that I want to drop, and not what is the fastest/best DPS class. I like the Boomer because you can get both Melee and Bow drops with that class.

    A couple of months ago, I was farming U9. There was this NN doing the same dungeons that I was. I don't know what his PR was, but I think I was on my 20K LL at the time. He would run to the next dungeon and be there still trying to kill the boss when I rolled in and nuked it. He would then run on to the next boss and start wailing on it until I go there and killed it. My point here is that the fastest moving class isn't necessarily the fastest killing class if your still low on PR. If you have good GEM RNG, then the class does not matter as much IMO.

    For a first 10K solo class, I suggest the Draco, CB, Knight, Pirate, and melee Boomer (In that order) as solo classes with good survivability. I.E. you can take them into U10 at 10K and solo the dungeons. NN isnt on my list as I don't like the class, but a lot of people do like it.

    They buffed the Fae, Knight and Draco classes with the last 3 updates.

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    Yep. This is pretty much the classes that are top right now.

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