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Thread: Trove crashes after catching a fish in Plasma!

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    Trove crashes after catching a fish in Plasma!

    So i just started farming the Quest : Fish 3 Jade Neon Darters in Neon City, but sometimes when i catch a fish my trove crashes i dont rly know how but it did happen the second time today. Im not sure if im the only one.

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    Just had it happen in Luminopolis (adjacent to desert frontier if that makes any difference) a few times within a few minutes. I suspect it crashes when a particular result is rolled on the fishing table, as it always crashed when pressing f to catch the fish, rather than when casting the lure.

    I was using the "Lady of the Lake" pole at height 47.
    Fish that didn't cause it to crash:
    Jade Neon Darter
    Sophisticated Catfish
    Coldsteel Exofish
    Zapparapa Eel

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