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    Angry Marketplace

    Time: Friday 13th 2018
    Context: I Tried to post steed feed in the marketplace.
    Expected: I expected to post a specific quantity in the marketplace for sale.
    Observed: Instead, it cancels the upload to the marketplace and sends me to the marketplace menu.
    Repro Steps:
    1. Go to marketplace
    2. Press Sell to make a listing
    3. Watch as Steed feed doesn't get posted because the marketplace is bugged and is doing this to different players and different items for each player.

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    Marketplace - Unable to sell item

    I have the exact same problem starting Saturday, April 14th, but the item I wish to sell is the Purifying Dragon Flame. I am able to sell any other item except for this one. When I click the item, nothing happens. If I click the item again, it brings me back to the marketplace menu.

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    This bug happens so much now i feel the devs may have given up on it!

    It happens to almost everyone I know and when it happens to me I push up then down and select the items again, I can then list the item on the market (press A on item, it won't select, press up, press down, press A on item and it does select) though this doesn't work for everyone.

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