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    I would just like to list off my ideas for possible future content, feel free to add your opinions and thoughts.

    There are many people who would love this and some who wouldn't, but the idea is having various factions in trove that represent different Biomes. Neon Empire (Neon City), The Forsaken Army(Cursed Vale), the Dragon Knights Guild(Dragonfire Peaks), etc... This could be developed into having a representative and or trader for said faction, of which you can purchase equipment for reputation which will boost your character or make them look cooler, and to gain the Reputation you have to be aligned with them and complete Faction Adventures, Dungeons or other game modes, such as PvP or Challenges.

    Another idea is to have bonuses given for wearing a certain factions theme when you are aligned with them, so if you were aligned with the Highlands Faction and you were wearing a full set of Highlands styled equipment (Hat, Mask, Weapon) you'd be granted a bonus stat, such as -8% incoming damage.

    Club leaders could also align their club with a specified Faction and grant bonuses to those who are also aligned with it and have set said club as their primary.

    You could even bring Factions into PvP by having Faction Wars, where teams of 16 face off against each other for their aligned faction, gaining Reputation or rewards for winning, once again just breathing life into the PvP of Trove.

    My other idea was a Survival mode, where you must fend off waves and waves of increasing difficulty for an increasing reward, so it wouldn't matter if you did not complete the entirety as you would still get some kind of reward. Those who do complete it are given great rewards for their triumph, similar to that of the Shadow Tower, except this you'd be granted 5 difficulties, Tier 1 would be the easiest going to a max level of Uber-02, with the rewards being rather small, such as a dozen dragon coins, materials or style caches, then there would be Tier 2, which would be relatively easy but still challenging for those who have only started recently, say Uber-04 as the max for its difficulty, Tier 3 would be the medium which is Uber-06, then Tier 4 being Uber-08 and Tier 5 being the ultimate mode where, even those who can handle Uber-08 will struggle but if the group doing the Survival work together and play smart they should be okay. Tier 5 will also be the ultimate in terms of reward as well, giving mounts, costumes, or even class coins for those who complete it.
    There can also be a Survival mode trader who grants special Survival mode items such as bonus lives, damage boosts, health boosts, and of course, rewards the player can choose from, just to show off and say "I beat Survival Tier (Number)"

    New Biome/theme/character!
    "Stormy Seas" biome. Areas of water of which the water is placed at different heights to act like harsh waves, perhaps even changing if possible, to really give the impression of choppy water.
    The Theme would be Electric themed, like a thunderbolt sword, or storm cloud on a stick for a staff, and include dungeons like ship wrecks, floating islands or a leviathan.

    The Character I had in mind would be a melee based one who focuses on crowed control with large chain stunning abilities, for example, the left click would be a simple sword swing, the right, a bolt of lightning, which stuns the first enemy and chain connects with the surrounding enemies for a slightly reduced portion of damage, the 1 ability could have a lightning bolt strike the character from the sky which immediately gives them a boost to movement speed and energy regen, as well as bonus damage on right click hits. The Ultimate would be a huge bolt of lightning striking the characters sword and then sending waves of damage out of the character in a 360* pulse which does huge amounts of damage and also chain stuns enemies that are hit.
    The Subclass could be a chance to strike enemies with a blast of lightning upon taking damage, immediately stunning them, with the bonus being +5% Attack Speed

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    Part 2

    I got a few of the ideas from an old MMO I played at release called LEGO Universe, which was unfortunately shut down due to a lack of funding to keep the servers up, which is crazy considering LEGO is a multi-million pound company.

    Paradox! (hourly challenge)
    The skies darken and mists of warping time begin to surround the area, when suddenly you are ambushed by dark minions... It is up to YOU the player to find and locate the Timebreakers and defeat them.
    The reasoning behind this, is to build a sort of personal narrative to the game, which it currently lacks.

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