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    DEMANDING REROLL. This is a complete joke. I feel like I maybe have to contact PlayStation for a proper compensation.

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    Trion would lose less money rerolling the day then compensate for the lost gem boxes.i know of several top players and people who don’t mind spending money planning on quitting if there’s no reroll. Mastery is not easily attained when at the top and to be passed up by sooo many players is devastating to players who put in so much effort.

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    @Trionfasti People keeping glitched grants that were spent?

    How does this effect our market in trove?

    How is it fair that im lower in mastery rank leaderboards
    because people profited from a glitch and used to buy mastery items?

    Brand new luminopolis costumes and mounts that will take myself a long time
    To get are already out from this glitch, with millions of flux being “handed out” you
    Can buy materials to craft easy now?

    The package for weeks of glitches and unplayable game issues is a joke when coupled with
    People being able to keep the “already sold” portion of the ill gotten grant.

    Please @Trionfasti explain how a Trove rollback is not in the best interest to your “Community”?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fasti View Post
    Hey all,

    We're digging into this now. What you're seeing isn't compensation this appears to be a bug. Once we've gotten to the bottom of it we'll have more info to share.
    Will the servers reroll? Am I safe to play? I’m scared to do anything as it could be all for nothing.

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    I’m also curious

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    At least give us bonus week c'mon. i Think ps4 deserves it just this one time over pc and xbox. I mean you still haven't even fixed invites.. will this actually go on for one more week making it 3 weeks of being a pain to st on Mondays or trading?

    Pretty please ?

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    I just figured something out about this! I got 3500 credits and a tradable class coin which just so happens to be the only credit pack I’ve ever bought! My guess is that everyone is just getting back every credit pack they’ve ever bought again (not including the packs such as the eclipse pack, etc.)! I hope this can help!

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    Well i spent a good amount of money and didn't got anything so..

    But i hope the servers won't be reset (yeah right, i didn't got anything glitched/bugged and dont want the server to be reset), because after the last maintence the game seems to be working without any crashes, freezes or fps drops (playing for over 2 hours now).
    Yeah i know some people are pissed or what ever because they got nothing but i really dont care if some got credit or pouches or what ever, I just want to play the game without any issues, freezes or whatever.

    So no crashes for more than 2 hours now..i would bet something will be broken again when the server is reset..as like every time
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    Quote Originally Posted by JukeBawxHero View Post
    Sensing a rollback to correct this mishap (which I have seen happen in many mmos over many years and is the simplest fix) I will not be making any transactions period so as not to affect any of my inventory and create further issues in resolving the issue. Last thing anybody needs to do is spend X amount of Y for what they think they have then to lose it then grief. I get pissy but this is the most likely and easiest outcome and correction to the variation and inconsistency in this unexpected grant.
    hehe well... i immidiately saw this mistake... but every spend credit was not rerolled... i got the vanguardian free and the jade clover tome... shouldve been spending the other 3100 leftover credits...

    but what about the credit pouches the market is still highly affected.

    1 of my clubmates spend all their duplicate credits in greater neon caches and got items worth millions of flux! dragon coins golden eggs etc

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    @Trionfasti This issue needs addressed ASAP

    We need the Trove PS4 server rolled back pre glitched credits/items.

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