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    Dev Q & A thread - April 13, 2018

    Happy National Unicorn Day!

    Please post your questions for the dev team in this thread for the livestream on Friday.


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    We know the ps4 version has been a complete mess since the heroes update.
    How did this happen? Why was there not complete testing? What is being done to insure something this bad never happens again?

    I'm asking as I don't feel comfortable spending money on the game anymore as every update to date has had major issues and they keep getting worse each update.

    My post on the state of ps4 linked below for a larger detailed post.

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    What is the status of Urmhalit, the Unforgiven?

    When will invites for PS4 be working again?

    When can we expect more Vanguardian costumes? *Wink* Radiant, Shadow and Chaos theme?

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    Now that the Heroes update is out, what is next on the agenda? and can you give us any details about it?

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    full u9 luminopolis world when?

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    1) Can you remove the limited loots for only 8 players from Rampage bosses? It is kind of counter-intuitive for an event encouraging many players to participate but only 8 random players getting loot.

    2) Can you make outpost indestructible to prevent grieving/trolling?

    3) Can you adjust the energy cost for Vanguardian's Kamekameha, aka M2 in range mode? The projectile is slow and offer nothing else other than damage, so the current energy cost is just way too high.

    4) When can we expect the class contests revamp?

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    Released: Apr 15, 2016

    Can we expect that via credits soon?

    Prior to the removal of the blocks placed and blocks destroyed contests there was two contests per week to participate in, for gem boosters etc, but since their removal some weeks only have one contest. Is that intentional? I've reported it a couple times and it's come up again this week.

    Any plans to include Class Costume Sales or Luxion to the welcome page? right now Luxion is only mentioned in the launcher and forum, dates for current events would be nice too.

    Have dragon fragments been added to dungeon chests? I think I've seen a few Kamis come from the dungeon chests since Heros release

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    1.Club utility slot will add 1 more slot?

    2.Personal chest will add 1 more tab?

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    Are there plans to implement new decorations and styles anytime soon, not including those for new biomes/weapon types/costumes?

    (hint hint shadow/radiant deco hint hint)
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    1. Any updates on the compensation? (

    2. Can you (Fasti) check your PM's?
    2b. How often do you guys check your PM's?

    3. Can you get Dopesheet (or whoever is playing) to visit the clubworld Radiant Utopia?
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