Issue: 2nd Cornerstone bugged/deleted after Vanguardian update. And constant delays, response failures when switching between cornerstones, or trying to re-spawn the cornerstone on a different tile. ALL ITEMS USED IN 2nd Cornerstone have VANISHED, meaning I cannot find a single trace of them anywhere. And I am certain I did NOT delete it, because that takes 2 clicks, and there is no way I a going to randomly delete my cornerstone and just forget the whole incident. The problem arose the very moment i logged in to play after the vanguardian update was done. Please return my 2nd Cornerstone to me and fix the cornerstone placement delays, etc., in any way you can, thanks.

Time: Since the "Vanguardian Update", all day, everyday.

Context: After the Vanguardian update, I became unable to switch into my second cornerstone. The First one remains untouched. Whenever I attempt to Switch to the second cornerstone, it either would not switch over, or blank space would appear. During the first few days of the update, the bombs I threw into the second cornerstone would just fizzle/vanish, I considered it to be a result of the usual patch-bugs which would be automatically repaired within a few days.

I did not report this earlier, thinking this must be widespread due to the patch. But seems it is not ubiquitous among all players. Today I tried switching over to my second cornerstone again, and blank space turned up instead of what was present before the Vanguardian Update. Then I threw bombs into it, and now i have a crater in my second cornerstone, because i tried to see if only the top portion got wiped out, and whether the underground remained, alas.