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    Can we talk for a minute about lustrous gem boxes?

    We all know that Wednesday is gem day, and the key prize on gem day is the Lustrous Gem Boxes. As advertised, players can get 3 boxes a day without patron, 6 with.

    Personally, I feel the drop rate on these boxes seems too rare. They are mentioned as a part of the Wednesday bonus, and since there is a number given as to how many can drop (3 or 6), this gives the play the belief that they are entitled to the 3 or 6 lustrous gem boxes if they play on that day. However, when I played two Wednesdays ago, it took about 6 hours (I think, may be more but I didn't time it) to get all of the lustrous gem boxes. Yesterday, I could only play for an hour, and was only able to get 1 lustrous gem box despite farming as fast as I could, and I believe I got it towards the end of my play session. So let's say for the sake of argument that you get a lustrous gem box for every hour you play. I don't know the exact number, but I think that seems accurate. Point is, it still takes 3 or 6 hours to farm the maximum number of gem boxes, which is an unreasonable time commitment for many players. There will be the try-hards who will get all the boxes, regardless of the time it takes, but many players don't have that option.

    Again, since there is a number of lustrous gem boxes one can acquire in a day (3 or 6), that gives the player the idea that they need to get that many on that day, otherwise people complain (like myself, and maybe I could have posted my opinions on another thread, but I wanted to have a title that was more open to discussion instead of bashing the idea.) Since I was using patron yesterday, I feel cheated out of 5 lustrous gem boxes, hence this post.

    So I ask the devs: What is your idea for the lustrous gem boxes? Are they supposed to be rare, such that nobody is supposed to get all the boxes except those with an obscene amount of time to invest in this game, or should everyone who plays on a Wednesday get all the lustrous gem boxes? If it is the case of the former, I can accept that, but please don't make it seem like anyone can get all the boxes if they can only play for an hour or so. If it is the later, then the distribution of gem boxes seriously needs readjusted. Either increase the drop rate, or make the drops predictable. Making them drop from 3 star dungeons or tying them to tomes are a couple ideas I have.
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    I strongly suspect they're timegated, like pvp battle boxes and chaos chests, however since the release of the pts patch notes I guessed patrons would get all of their boxes in the same time as non-patrons but that doesn't seem to be the case

    reason for my hunch
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    I think there probably has to be some kind of karma for them, whether that be you're guaranteed to get one in an hour of gameplay or something like 150 dungeons.
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    I usually get them with patron within 30 minutes for each one so it takes me 3 hours to get them.
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    They should drop more like chaos chests (up to your max), meaning that a typical play session of 2-3 hours should be enough to get all 6. Trove isn't my job, so I really don't have six+ hours to devote to it more than occasionally. At the very least, Patrons should be able to farm all 6 in the same amount of time a non-patron can farm 3.
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    i only had chance to farm them the first week, (Due to the bug) but i actually think the droprate is pretty reasonable.

    I managed to farm all 6 pretty quick, with around 30 dungeons average inbetween.

    I also managed to get 2 superiors out of those, so with the rewards they give, i think it's fair that they require a bit grinding,

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    Another gem day goes by, did patrons get their 6 in 3hrs or 6hrs?

    I started at 14:07 as a non-patron and ended at 17:09 for my three (x4) (imgur)

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    My first 4 seemed to average 1 per 100 elemental boxes, by the end I had 558 for 6 lustrous. It's a little bit of a pain to be forced into it when you're capped at 6. I did take some breaks.

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    I did enough dungeons in U9 to get 225 water gem boxes -- it took about 2.5 hours and I got 4 lustrous gem boxes. From those boxes I received three lowest-end builders focus and flux (I think)... it was extremely underwhelming and disappointing for the time-spent on getting them.

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    Here is my experience so far as a Patron Subscription player.

    1st week. Farmed about 2 hours and got 4 Lustrous gem boxes.
    2nd week. Farmed for 3 hours and got 6 boxes.
    3rd week. Farmed for 2 hours and got 4 boxes.

    So my experience has been that I am getting one box per 30 minutes of farming. Sorry, I didn't count the number of gem boxes, but It seems to me that it is time based and not the number of boxes that matter.

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